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User Created FAQs and Walkthroughs

GTA IV FAQ/Walkthrough by TheGum
GTA IV FAQ/Walkthrough by dissectedgames

Our GTA IV Walkthrough
This walkthrough is currently unfinished. Beware of spoilers - proceed at your own risk! This walkthrough was written by GTA IV Cheats. If you'd like to submit your own FAQ or guide, make submissions to! If we approve your FAQ, we will post it in plain text format, and we will not make any edits.

The Cousins Bellic
Your first task is pretty simple - you just need to drive to Hove Beach, to Roman’s place.
Achievement Unlocked: Off the Boat

It’s your Call
Another easy one. Hit up Roman’s Cab Depot, then drive him to the poker game at the hardware store. Call Roman when the loan sharks arrive, then head to the depot. Wait outside – when you see the Albanians arrive, call Roman and get out of there! To call, press up on the D-Pad and then A.

Three’s A Crowd
Pick up Mallorie from the Hove Beach Subway Station. You just have to honk your horn (L) to alert her when you arrive. She’ll bring Michelle along – take her to her apartment (Mohawk Ave.) and call Roman. He’ll instruct you to buy some new clothes, but better keep it cheap at the moment, as funds are probably a bit tight. Now you can call Michelle and go on a date. Take her bowling and then bring her home.

Tip: You can now call her anytime to set up a date!

Roman interrupts your fun with trouble. He is at the basketball court - find him and beat up the guys attacking him. Another thugster, Dardan, runs off. Chase him down and follow him to the warehouse and up the stares. The best way to take him out is to disarm him (Tap A when he attacks) and use his own knife to stab him.

Easy Fare
Pretty straight forward – pick up Jermaine on Mohawk Ave. Take him to Masterson Street – and then, cops! Get out of the cop’s search radius and lay low until you’re safe, then drive Jermaine to Gibson St.

Tip: Now you can do taxi missions to make some cash any time.

Jamaican Heat
Another shuttle mission - pick up Little Jacob (honk the horn) on Oneidad Ave. in the South Slopes and take him where he wants to go. He gave you a gun – good thing, you’ll need it.

Head to the roof and crouch while you wait for the dealers. Use the D-Pad to toggle your gun, use LT to lock on to your targets, and RT to fire. Follow Jacob’s instructions and you should be fine – blast away the dealers and then take Little Jacob to his house.

Concrete Jungle
Some car-on-pedestrian action. Pick up Little Jacob and take him to the apartments on Saratoga Ave. Jacob instructs you to go to the alley in the rear and stand guard. Do so, and stay in your car. When the three guys run out, you can either shoot them out of your window or run them over, doesn’t matter. When you’re done, take Jacob to the dealers’ house in Meadow’s Park. Kick in the door and kill everyone – one guy on the stairs, one guy to the left, and two inside and to the right. You should get used to using cover here, you’ll need it later.

Bull In A China Shop
Vlad gives you this mission at the Comrade’s Bar. You just need to throw a brick through the shop window, there’s one in the lot across the street. That'll teach ‘em, and make Vlad happy.

Hung Out To Dry
A chase! Meet up with Vlad at the bar and he’ll direct you to a Laundromat on Masterson Street. The owner will run – hotwire a car by pressing LT or RT repeatedly. You’ll want to chase him with a pretty robust car - you have to ram him a few times. Careful, rear end him too hard and you’ll throw yourself through your windshield. A Patriot works well for this mission.

Clean Getaway
Again, Vlad will give you this mission at his bar. Get on the subway and take out the guys there - fists, guns, doesn't matter. After that, lift the Silver Blista Compact and take it to the carwash, then to Vlad’s garage. Call Vlad when you’re done.

Ivan The Not So Terrible
Vlad will show you a picture of Faustin – you are to kill his cohort Ivan. This is a bit of a tough chase. Follow him into the construction site and onto the rooftops. You can let him plummet, or let him live – it’s up to you. If you spare him, you’ll unlock a few side missions later.

Uncle Vlad
Roman is pissed! When you get to Comrade’s, park in the back, and make sure your car is well placed for a quick getaway. Pull out your shotgun, take out the guards, and run through the doors. Vlad will run – get back to your car to follow him to the docks... then you can finish the job.

Crime and Punishment
You need a police car here – there should be one available immediately after the cutscene. If you miss that one for some reason, there are two ways to procure a police car - you can call 911, or just shoot wildly until they come to investigate. If you do the latter, the cops will leave their car and it will be easier to steal (and you can avoid the wanted stars).

Once you have the car, start pulling over vans (click the left analog stick to turn on sirens). Make sure you have your gun ready – the third one is the money van! Kill the dudes or just grab the van and get out of there.

Lose your wanted level, if you have one, and get to the designated location.

Do You Have Protection?
Easy - just take Dimitri to the sex shop. Rough them up, shoot one in the leg, it doesn’t seem to matter much how you handle them. When you’re done, head to the gun store to buy an SMG.

Final Destination
Faustin wants you to take out a guy named Lenny. You've got to kill a guy in the subway station on Guantanamo Ave. Watch out - his guard is packing an SMG. Take out the body guard and chase Lenny – try to kill him before he gets into his car. If you're too late, you'll have to shoot out his tires, or steal a car and pursue him. Shoot at him out of your window (LB), or run him off the road.

No Love Lost
Faustin wants you to follow his daughter and kill her boyfriend. When you confront them, he’ll take off. Grab a bike an pursue – when his gang arrives, get off and hide behind the trees. Use cover and be careful, take as long as you need to get them all.

Rigged To Blow
Find the truck and call Faustin. Just drive it very carefully, get it to the location at Guantanamo and Windmill, and finish the job. Best split quickly – the police will be dispatched as soon as you detonate the bomb.

The Master and the Molotov
Dimitri wants you to kill Faustin.

Go to Faustin’s club. Dimitri will text you – answer it and you’ll get a bulletproof vest. Pull out your shotgun and enter. Try not to get overwhelmed, just whack everyone one at a time. Follow Faustin up the stairs and to the roof. Kill him quick, he’s got a nasty gun.

Logging on
Easy – just go to the internet café and make a profile at

Search and Delete
Steal a cop car – call 911 if you want - but be careful! Lose the police – just hit the gas on straightaways and zigzag through back streets.

You need to kill Lyle Rivas. Use the police computer to find his house. When you get there, he’ll escape by car. Follow him and take him out – if you destroy his car, he’ll get out and continue on foot. Easy, just run him over or mow him down with the SMG.

Tip: When you have to go through a toll booth in a cop car, they’ll open the gate if you have your sirens on.

Easy As Can Be
This isn’t exactly easy. Brucie wants you to steal Lyle Rivas’ car on Yorktown ave.

Just drive carefully – brake on corners (L), and try not to get too excited. Crashing will completely mess you up, and the more damage you do to the car, the less money you’ll make.

You can be sneaky here, but if you scare the dealer, you can just chase him down and shoot him. If you want to, follow him secretly up the stairs of his building. Shoot the lock on the door and blast them all. The SMG is pretty effective.

Russian Revolution
Hopefully your gun skills are getting pretty good.

Pick up Jacob and go to the warehouse. When the battle beings, use cover! Kill the guy up top, then the guys out in the open. When the cops arrive, blast them without hesitation. Once outside make you getaway – fast – or more cops will arrive.

Out Of The Closet
Just go to the Internet café, then meet your date at the restaurant at 69th and Hove. Watch out for cops. Your best bet at avoiding detection is to stab him when he bolts.

No. 1
A race! Watch the second to last checkpoint – go through the barrier and your in the river! Corner carefully, it shouldn’t be too hard to work up a good lead.

Escuela Of The Streets
Go to Manny’s for this mission. He wants you to take out some drug dealers.

Go to Grand Boulevard and tail the guy – don’t get too close and scare him off, so notice when he slows down for a light or to go around a corner. When you arrive at his warehouse, either shoot the lock on the door (they’ll hear you!) or toss a brick through the window (surprise attack!). If you lose a lot of health, hit up the Sprunk machine at the back of the warehouse.

Street Sweeper
Another mission from Manny – he’s after some guys in South Boham this time.

Ram your car into the first two gang members, then get out and kill the rest. If any of them try to take off, chase them down. The cops will probably end up helping you – just get out of there quickly and lose any wanted rating you work up.

The Puerto Rican Connection
Use the far view (select) to follow the train in a car. You’ll see the path on the radar. When the train stops and the targets get out – shoot them in the station.

Luck of the Irish
A simple sniping mission – not too hard. The last guy you need to shoot is in his truck – take him out through the window. Obviously, keep Packie alive!

You can shoot more accurately if you crouch. LT looks through the scope, and the left stick controls the zoom.

Blow Your Cover
A heroin dealer named Johnny needs some help with a deal. Take Playboy to the apartment (Cassidy St.). Go to the third floor… wait for it… A Set Up! Pull out your gun and shoot everyone in the room. Scramble down the fire escape, get back to the street and steal a car. Here comes the SWAT - drive! You can try to shake the police, or find a Pay and Spray.

The Snow Storm
Time to recover some coke. Best to use a sniper rifle, if you have one. Take out a few guys from a distance, then go into the hospital and clear it out. There’s a bulletproof vest inside the room with the coke (as well as two dudes). Afterward you have to escape with the cops – just run out of there without spending too much time shooting and grab an SUV.

Deconstruction for Beginners
Playboy X wants you to take out some Union guys at the construction site.

You don’t actually have to go to the roof – you can take out the lookouts with a sniper rifle on the ground. They’re on the end of the cranes. Once they’re dead, enter the building and carefully clean it out with your weapon of choice (AK is good). Use grenades liberally – but be careful not to blow yourself up. When you kill the third boss, a bunch of backup will arrive in a helicopter. Get him before he escapes!

Photo Shoot
Use your phone camera to shoot the target. You don’t have to be too accurate about it. Then you can take out Marlon before he gets into the car… if not, it won’t be easy to catch him, but you can do it.

Call And Collect
You’re being blackmailed into taking out a blackmailer.

The blackmailer should be easy to spot – he has a black and yellow jacket on. Call him and look to see who answers (843-555-0124). If you call him twice, he’ll get scared and run. You pretty much have to get a wanted rating, so just shoot him and run. Grab a car and escape! When you’re in the clear, meet with up with the officer to hand over the storage devices.

Final Interview
Your mission is to take out a lawyer via a job interview. Go to the Internet café and submit your resume. You’ll get a call to schedule the interview - get a suit at Perseus before you go.

When you’re in the office, alone, shoot Goldberg. Now escape – best way is to shoot out the windows and jump, then take a car and drive off. No point in fighting the security when you can just run.

Another sniping mission. Get on the roof. You have to lure your target into view – shoot the satellite dish so he gets up to mess with his TV, or, you can call him (phone number is on his phone). Whatever you do, take him out in one shot.

Ruff Rider
You’re on your way to get some money back. When you go to the arcade, you can kill the girl or let her go – up to you. Then chase her boyfriend… he’ll probably crash. You can get out and shoot him, or run over him.

Have A Heart

Easy! Pay the toll and go to the hospital.

The Holland Play
Wow – are you going to kill Dwayne or Playboy X? Up to you. Dwane is easier, but if you kill Playboy X you get his apartment. Watch out for his gang!

Wrong Turn

Your e-mails will lead you to a jewelry shop. Your target is there, just chase him down!

Harboring A Grudge

Don’t attack when Packie says to! Just hide and kill them slowly. Then jump down and get the ones that appear. Go to the office behind the truck and grab a medipack, then take the truck. Careful! When dropping grenades you can blow yourself up. Stay straight…

Waste Not Want Knots

Be nice to the McGreary boys. Suggest you hop the fence and go to the side door – going to the front doesn’t work as well. STAY WITH THE MCGREARY BOYS! If you let them get too far ahead, one will die, and that’s no good. Get to the office.

Three Leaf Clover
Shit, this one is HARD. Forget about the cops. Just focus on the guys on your radar. Use cover. There’s a medipack on the way into the subway, take it. When you have to run, grab a big car because you’ll need it to get through roadblocks. Go fast across the bridge and veer to the right toward the park. Lose the cops in the park, then get back to the safe house. Taking a cab is the easiest way, as grabbing another car could attract the police.

A Long Way To Fall
You’ll get a text. Head upstairs and be very careful. Use cover. The last guy has no gun, so he’s easy.

Hostile Negotiations

This is a big gunfight. Roman was kidnapped. Use your grenades! When you find roman, the sniper rifle can give you a good shot at his captor, though you don’t really need it.

Dust Off
Easy – shoot the guys guarding the helicopter and get in. Just be fast and get going.

Paper Trail

You need to get the helicopter again and chase another. Watch out for the bridge, just keep it low and steady. Stay to the right of the enemy and Little Jacob will take the shot.

Portrait Of A Killer

The best way to go about this is to go behind the Russians so that you have the high ground. Don’t get in close, and be efficient. You’ll probably get a wanted rating, so just get out of there quickly when it’s over.

Taking Out The Trash
Just drive, don’t hit anything, you’ll be fine.

Go to the park, kill Luca’s guards and chase him. He’ll go to the bathroom – shoot open the doors and kill him. Diamonds!

Ugh, this one was tough. Find Bucky and follow him to his house. If y ou want to go in slowly, you can, but it might not work. I think it’s better to go in like Rambo. Ram a car into the house and squish a few guys. Then just run in, hide behind the sofa and start shooting. The last guy has a shotgun – he’s at the top of the stairs. The police will definitely show up, but they’ll probably just help you out. Run through the back door and snag a car.

Just stay pretty close to Kim’s boat. When you get the rocket launcher take out the boats tailing you… just don’t blow up Kim on accident. A better idea is to use the machine gun on boats near his.

Tunnel Of Death

Get lots of ammo! When it all goes down, start shooting and tossing grenades at police cars.

Blood Brothers
Shoot Francis and you unlock the Undertaker missions… but it’s up to you.

Museum Piece

Find cover, kill the guys coming at you. If you go up the stairs you’ll find a medipack – grab it. Run through the museum and take out the dudes on the balconies, then grab a car and get out of there.

No Way On The Subway
Chase the guys through the subway… after the last biker goes onto the bridge, follow him and he’ll crash, while you take the jump perfectly, of course. Or you can just shoot at him and run him down.

Late Checkout

Go up the elevator, and have a gun ready. When the doors up, it’s shooting time. Grenades, Molotovs, anything explosive will help you here. Watch bullets coming through the glass on the roof. Stay low.

Truck Hustle
Shoot everyone, then grab the truck and hang on tight. (Pull back on the analog stick to keep from falling off when you go around corners)


The best way to go is around back. You should take a rocket launcher because it’s the easiest way to blow up the chopper, though you could also use a rifle.

Catch The Wave
Use the truck as cover while you shoot at the gangsters. Stay with Phil and don’t die – you’ll escape eventually.

To Live And Die In Alderney
This all starts when you get to Frainkie’s. Follow Phil’s car, kill the cops, then get out and run on foot. Doesn’t really matter if Frankie dies, just loose the cops. Break their line of site by going through backyards.

Weekend At Florian’s
You’re supposed to listen to directions, but I’ll make it easy – you’re going to Middle Park West in Broker. Florian will be there.

Hating The Haters
Pick Bernie up on your moped – don’t miss him. Pursue and kill them when you can
Union Drive Blackmailers
Really hard chase. Don’t shoot too much, or the cops will come after you. Eventually they’ll crash and run through the park, take them out.

Buoys Ahoy

When the picnic goes bad, follow the boat. It will crash. Get Dimitri’s men as they run up the bank, then grab a boat with Bernie and escape from the police.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Keep your distance, but don’t lose them. They’ll run lights, so don’t expect them to stop. Leave your car at their base and set off the bomb. There will be a few guys left, kill them and get away from the police. Just drive away as fast as you can until you see a good place to lose them.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and your Motorcycle

Get the bike by the side of the house, and find your target. He’ll run right away. Watch out for busses and use the handbrake on turns.

I’ll Take Her
Don’t worry about going toward the coast, you can just scare the girl by crashing. But if you speed to much, she might grab the wheel, and that’s no good. Just brake when she starts freaking out – when she’s done it enough time, Niko will just punch her out and you can finish the mission in peace. Don’t blow through the tolls or you’ll attract Police.

She’s A Keeper

Don’t get out and shoot, just avoid the Ancellotis. Zigzag around and drive home when you’ve lost them.

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

Find cover fast. Packie will be fine. Stay close to the pipes on the walkways because there’s not much else in the way of cover.

Pegerino’s Pride
Put on a nice suit and start sniping. Go in slow, take them out from as far away as you can. Take out the guys on the stairway and in the window. Shoot everyone you can before entering. You have to get Pegerino before he’s dead. RUN! Good idea to bring a vest for this one.


Don’t take out a gun prematurely, or you’re screwed. Go to the ER, shoot the bodyguard, then shoot Anthony. The police will come, so you’ll just have to blast through them and grab a car. There’s a Sprunk machine in the lobby if you need any health.

Toss grenades at the Albanians’ cars and shoot them all. Use cover. Then take the hearse and drive carefully or the coffin will fall out the back.

This is easy at first, just enter the convoy. Then go to cover when the gunfire breaks out. Get the gang members in the alley and get in your car. You’ll have four cars on you – just drive right for the first one, then around him quickly and it will throw them off. Avoid shooting to avoid getting the cops involved.

Dining Out
Just go in and start shooting. They have guns, so don’t be nice. Run up the stairs and kill everyone in the Kitchen. Fuk will run. Slide down the ladder using the ‘X’ button, and run through the alley. Blow up the bugger and you’re done.

Liquidize The Assets
Go to the compound, jump the fence, and climb up the walls. Kill everyone like a crazy bastard and get the guys in the side door, because they’ll try to go for a van. Once they’re dead, move the trucks together and detonate them using the cylinder on the forklift. BOOM!

Darko will be delivered to you. Time for payback! Or.. you can be nice and let him be. IT’s up to you. Shoot him, let him live, it’s all good.

Dimitri will call – you can be nice to the traitor or chase him down. Either way, be ready for a shootout.

Go to the warehouse at the docks. Things don’t go quite right, and there’s a big shootout. You better have a bulletproof vest and lots of ammo. Take cover and use manual aim to pick them off. There’s a lot of them! Get to the office in the upper level of the warehouse and run out to get the guy with the cash. Chase him down and don’t let him get too far away. Catch him and you did it!

A Dish Best Served Cold
Time to take out Dimitri once and for all, at his tanker is full of dudes. The crane will help you out – use it for some high ground and get some of the guards with the sniper rifle. Get as many as you can. Once on the ship, be careful! Go slow and activate the bow doors. More guys will come, so take your time with them. When you get inside, kill Dimitri’s guards and then assault him with grenades. He is TOUGH. Once he’s out, shoot the bugger in the head.

The End!
Your boss is Pgerino and he wants you dead. With Little Jacob and Packie you go to destroy him at a pier building. Don’t be too gung ho – your better of f going around back and get onto the roof with the ladder. Take out the guards and then drop down and start shooting. Pgerino will run – chase him and make sure to take out any remaining guards.

He grabs a boat – no problem, grab the bike and speed down the beach. What’s this? A ramp! Get all Evil Kenievel on his ass and grab the helicopter. Don’t stay low like they say – the rockets will come at you too fast. Stay up high and you can dodge them. Keep that minigun going until he docks. And then…